Reviews for "Edwin Ep02"


loved the first episode and i loves this one, Edwin just makes me lol every time he says somthing, if your looking for voices for a hopefull third episode then please send me a message.

Alltogether ill give you a ten stars for awsomeness and comidic triumph


great job kieran-s! The animations was spectacular. I loved the fight scene. I look forward to the future episodes!


Glad you ended up continuing with it, it's a great little series. Plus it doesn't make vampires look like misunderstood metrosexuals. Not that I especially like the lore behind vampires but you know, that crap still gets annoying.

Also I'd say there was pretty adequate comedy as compared to the last one, so not to worry about it. I chuckled a few times but there's still a suitable storyline to follow. You also pumped this out pretty fast I'd say, congrats on that.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to future works, best of luck.

Really funny!

This was great, I hope you make more! The animation flowed so well, and so did the voice work.

Very good production!

Exactly what should be here on Newgrounds, very well acted, funny and good action. I know when a flash is good when at the end of it I go "Awww" and wish it would continue. Great work everyone!