Reviews for "Edwin Ep02"

better than first episode

this was really better than the first episode , but i think it needs to be longer - i know i have not done any flash animation so far but i think this has a big potential , but its so short that i can enjoy only little part of it :)

Nothing a big bag of money won't fix

Good- Animation could improve but well done


The animation is very good for the most part -nice and smooth. However the fact that the fight scene is rather jerky means that it is less good than it could be. Ep 5 should have a smoother animation.
Still im not detracting in any way from what is a very good piece of animation

I agree with Jonathan Moore's comment.

I never really get into series on Newgrounds, but I decided to give this a try.
But yeah, like Jonathan Moore had mentioned. It's very simplistic, but me...being picky as hell with animation quality (Stuff like Stamper, and that style), It doesn't keep me from watching the rest of the series. I can't exactly figure out why I didn't get bothered by the Animation, but...I guess that the storyline and the voice acting made up for it.
Anyways, I'm not a harsh rater, and Animation should never matter, when it has a great plot.

Btw, sorry if I sounded harsh with the comments about your animation. Trust me, what I meant by "Picky" was, the style. You animate very well, I was just trying to get at, the style of your animation generally doesn't suit me.

Overall, great job. :D

A suggestion is, try to keep it more fast paced. Some parts drag on a litttle too long, not long enough to be a problem. It's more of a suggestion to risk scenes with great potential, to avoid them being dull.

LOL. This is my first detailed review on newgrounds. (I've been on newgrounds for 8 years now. ;P).
So yeah, Keep up the good work.

All of you did very well.

Kieran-s responds:

Hey thanks! Good point about the pace as well, glad you like the plot!


NOW THAT WAS FUNNY!!! I love the door scene.