Reviews for "Edwin Ep02"

badass was written all over it!!!

simply love the story so far, for a second there i thought the vampire locked him out of the castle.

fantastic flash!

I love vamp hunters. they need to end the influx of vamp stuff! Die vamps die!


the drawing style is kind of like yotam perel( lazy muffin) but it was great


on all accounts, this series was definitely worth continuing

Nice humor

I love the situational humor throughout this one. Playing off of stereotypical numbers and the human tendency to enter doors that tell us not to is great! Of course, how else to kill a vampire but to trick it? If conventional methods don't work, that is. I do have one small question, though. How the hell did you get Sailor Moon to do voice acting for this? ;) If you have contact with her and the other senshi, please let me know; I would like to meet them all. Oh, how I enjoy subtle references.