Reviews for "Edwin Ep02"

sequel's not a disappointment

i was pleasantly surprised by this. not that i doubted your animation skills, but sequels somehow always seem to lack the "oomph" of the original. but i have to say, i actually enjoyed this a bit more than the other! the animation was awesome as usual. i love your style =D the music and sound effects were very clean and well placed. acting was very solid. and the story in this one is not only interesting, but rather funny. i didn't expect to laugh, maybe just chuckle. but i actually did laugh!

the only thing was at some points it was silent (devoid of sound effects or music) and therefore making the scene a little awkward. but other than that, i was really impressed by this!

great job on this and it certainly is a pleasure working with you. =)

Kieran-s responds:

Wow thanks. I'll keep that it mind, thanks for your detailed review. I look forward to working with you more. :D

Very good

This was greate like the first ep look forward to see the next one.

flawless victory

this animation lacks nothing, ugot the right dose of humor and action, also great art/sounds, well maybe some porn would make it better (just kidding xD)

oh yeah,i know its hard to make animatoins this good , but i think its a little short :/

not a twilite paridy

it was pritty good but i didnt get most of the joke (might be a britich thing) and becouse of the name i expected some kind twilite parady oh and i cant find the first episode i would also like to commend you for your anamating it was verry good and the voice acting worked well ps. advise when you pridict the next one to be ready

Kieran-s responds:

umm... ok. Thanks. Im not British though, haha.

great great

this was great. i think it was better than the first! and HA what was that book called? the cursed blessing. that was hillarious

Kieran-s responds:

Haha, no "The curse and blessing" and then it has two emblems on the cover. But thats not so important yet, so no big deal. Thanks.