Reviews for "Edwin Ep02"

Nice nice nice

Like aid below the tempo is pretty good, but I feel like overall you've still god more to give us. Have friends/etc make suggestions about script and all that. The comedy is good but I can tell you can give us more than youre giving. Youre real strong point is the style, none of the characters/environments seem out of place - which is really great. Animation is nice and smooth and everything visually just makes me feel like ham sauce. The texturing is a really nice touch too- how did you do that?? it appears to be over everything except the skin tones/eyes. How'd you accomplish this I gotta know!

Kieran-s responds:

Cs3 has a blend option for movieclips and graphics. There are quite a few options, different strengths and types of blends. I got lucky i guess. And thanks!


First time I saw Edwin I was pretty confused.... I don't expected that a movie like that was goin' to be one of my favorites! I can't wait the Ep. 3!! (maybe I should kill myself if I don't see it soon... XD)

Anyway... Congratz dude... Awesome Story and animation! Cya!

Kieran-s responds:

Thanks, dont kill yourself! Because it may be a while.

looking GOOD!

I really like the path you're taking with this series, not sure if you're gonna follow that way, but the 'short missions' 'format' may keep it very fresh for a while.
I just wish they were a little (maybe just a little) bit longer. although the 'tempo' was right..
Anyway, keep it up!

Kieran-s responds:

Yeah, I'll try work on the length. Thanks man.


LOved it!! Cant wait till episode 3.

Kieran-s responds:


now that a episode

now this was a episode it had some content and left with a pretty good cliff hanger i like the humor in both the first and the second and cant wait for part three