Reviews for "Edwin Ep02"


Oh no, thw sun is coming up lol. Nice job, good animation specially with the sword twirling. Keep it up guys and girls of Edwin eps

Kieran-s responds:

:D thanks. I enjoyed animating the sword twirly bit.

Can't wait for the next episode. ^_^

It doesn't have to be short you can make it a little more longaer. But it's a start.


stop making short ones... there good just to short T_T


Nice work that you did on this one. Kind of reminded me of Castlevania a bit, but it's still good. I like the fact that you added in the essence of betrayal into this one. I can tell the series is going to be a good one now.

A lot of voices

I have to love this if only for the high number of voices used. When you use a voice for nearly every individual character, you really have to appreciate all of the hard work put into it. I especially love the main vampire's voice. The animation was pretty good, and it seemed to fit the mood of a more humorous flash than most vampire stuff well. The action scenes were also kind of cool especially with how the vampire was killed. While I'm not your biggest fan, it was very nice to see some of your most high-rated work.

Kieran-s responds:

Thanks. The voice actors did great.