Reviews for "Revert to Growth"

Basic gameplay with a added twist

This is a very good game with a relaxing feel. The idea is good and the music that plays in the background makes the style even more brilliant. The medals are decent and the level editor is good for a browser game. The concept of growing plants to collect keys and ship parts are good but it can bore as you reach later levels. A good game with a good challenge

just asking...

actually i haven't played it yet...
just want to ask what programming language you used to create this game?
coz...im just curious..actually im taking up BS. ICT...so will you please answer my question...thanks.

AethosGames responds:

I used Actionscript 3.0

Please let me know what you think of the game after you finish playing it, thanks.

Not bad..

I like the puzzle, the difficulty of the game is just right for my standard and it got me thinking on some of the levels. I like puzzle games but for some reason... This just didn't seem to appeal to me. I'll give you a 9 as well. Still a Great game thought, I'm sure I'll come back to this sooner or later. :)

it's something else...

I haven't really played a game like this before,
and frankly, I don't really like it.
But hey, that just my opinion, I can imagine a lot of people liking this game.
But since you've got some good comments, I'm not gonna bitch about it...
A 9 for the trouble

AethosGames responds:

FInally, someone who can review without bias

Nice one!

Extremly nice game, the difficult is alright. Until you reach the last level, I just cant beat it!