Reviews for "Revert to Growth"


cooole game

excellent game

one issue lol the medals aint working :( other than that awesome game, looking foward to the next one hopefuly lol

AethosGames responds:

Medals actually are working, but the pop-up in the game that tells you that you got it isnt.

big problem..

i have a problem,iv beat lvl's 1 - 11 & got the keys on all of em,but it wont let me goto lvl 12...what gives? -2 for posably fatal glitch 5/5 + 8/10

Very Original

Good visuals, I specially love the propulsion effect when jumps, great concept, is good to see aliens without laser guns and tons of space marines shooting them ;) .

AethosGames responds:

I agree


i liked it but idk i just got bored after a while, u should have put some hardcore rock then i would have been ok

AethosGames responds:

yeah, because hardcore rock and growing plants go sooooooooo well together...