Reviews for "Revert to Growth"

Please sir

I'd love some more. :p
Lovely game, unique :] I love originals.
Hope the next has some new ideas and you better make a next one!!!

AethosGames responds:

Thanks. Love the Oliver Twist reference :D

I have in mind ideas for a sequel, but whether I'm doing a sequel or not is up to the artist, because I want to keep the style consistent and I want to keep the art as top-quality as it is here. If the artist is willing to do the art for the sequel, then I am willing to program it.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! Make sure to recommend this for the puzzle collection ;)

this game made me!

feel good.
pretty sick game my friend. :D
keep it up!!!

Not my kinda game

i like the whole idea of the game to make it more challenging you should add bad guys the music kinda reminds me of zelda in a way

AethosGames responds:


Great Game!

This game is amazing. Simple yet very fun to play! I recommend that everyone at least try it once!


nice game deude keep it on