Reviews for "Revert to Growth"


How to pass level 7?

Very Good!

I had to think too much to solve this game but was entertaining.
i also think this game is very well done
you should make a sequel!.

Beautifully Puzzling XP

Great game, great art!
You should add info that the moveable rocks won't crush the robot.
That bit of info is crucial for some of the later levels. I got stuck in a few cause i imagined i would get reset from it (like when you grow into a ceiling).
Quite challenging none the less. Wouldn't mind a sequel.

What a nice logic game!

I really liked that game cause of its challenging and graphics. It's just awesome


I patiently tried to beat this game but some levels seem impossible without glitching the boxes through other objects.

I really like the concept and the artwork of the robot itself. Alas I could not get past level 15 (and would not have got that far without glitching :).