Reviews for "Revert to Growth"


i use the guide

AethosGames responds:


pretty well done

I got stuck on a lvl and but still a great game


Didn't finish it cause I got bored reasonably quickly but its a really great game and fuck the haters xD

it was ok

not very exciting tho

Cool :D

This game for me is laggy at times but it doesnt bother me that much since it is a puzzle and puzzles take time. Though I love this type of puzzle i am bad at it but I wont be seduced by eevil walkthroughs i have Failed. Stuck also at lvl 11....

Overall the graphics are great, loving the art style
The music well its cute but its taunting me for not finishing it...
The one thing I love the most is that is very unique and relaxing
Ignore the weird wulff90 guy.