Reviews for "Juggerdome"

why won't it load????

grrr i hate frickin infite loop! armor games did this too! please fix it and i'll fix my score.


The game was great! And a small message to kraktzor, you might want to try to get all of the achievements...

Has a very fun feal

Putting sertan upgrades together makes it feal like my character is a game boss. One thing I can nag about is the projectiles themelves...with the exception of the flame thrower when you fire a weapon it is hardly noticable

feels like a cross between deathrace/heavy gear

was pretty fun, any game gets me to want to beat it is an okay game. I think that it coulda been harder, and the lasers coulda been more powerful, but thats personal opinion. I could work on gettin Bertha, but idk what Bertha is for one, and for two, I've allready put just enough time into this game. Definitely was a worthwhile timewaster =)


why i cant play?????? infinite looping is fuking gay!!!!