Reviews for "Juggerdome"

I have the same problem

After you press play, the logos just loop over and over again. I don't see how this is a useless review, its actually very helpful because if people cant play the game the obviously wont like it.

Glitch in the system

PsychoInformant, I am having the same exact problem. it keeps cycling over and over. This Review isn't useless, it is to tell the Author of this game to fix the problem or explain to us what is wrong.


its a very nice game, but could use a few more options and game modes

nice but

i dont like the controls make it customized
too uncomfortable and i wish it was better more zoomed in or somthing


Dude thats awesome :p at last i killed the boss when the time was standing at 4:20 xD

lol i dook about 40 seconds to kill him xD

but it would be cool to add some more machines which have more armor or more places for weapons so u can choose between that machines ...