Reviews for "Juggerdome"

good game

good game and nice concept just gets real laggy when theres a few juggies on the filed

No Good.

Hey, I don't know, but me and giantredfrogs Are both havin' the same problem. I click play but it does the armor game thing, then con artist then back to the play button. Infinite Loops= No Good.


I Like This Game But It's A Bitch To Play On A Laptop With Out A Mouse


for those wondering what "bertha" is, it's the boss's nuke-like missile launcher. quite effective

great game, though i suggest a few tweaks

first of all, it was far too easy. i spent the first few rounds using only the default gun until i purchased the ram ulti rocket, which was so powerful i owned from then on, until i got 4 and the game wasnt even fun anymore. so step one, weaken the weapons, or strengthen the enemies. my next big problem is that heat doesnt even matter, once i purchased 1 heat sink, none of my guns, not even all 4 ram multi rockets firing constantly overheated. so increase how much heat the guns generate. other than that, i was upset i couldnt play from the beginning with the option of purchase the nuke laucher that the champion had, so plz make purchasing that an option.