Reviews for "Juggerdome"

super fun!

like Death Race but with awesome Juggernauts! the whole thing is fun to play, i honestly didnt lose one match! :D i only suggest adding the Juggernauts Champion Nuke weapon, freakin powerful! oh, and a mode, where u where given HORDES of prisoners and try to survive as long as possible!
Overall GREAT game


I cant really rate it because it doesnt stop the pre-loader. I pres PLAY and it goes Armorgames logo, Con-artist of amorgames logo, then back to the press play screen.


though i really loved this game, when i played it the second time, everytime i pressed "play" it just restarted the pre-loader, i'm saddened. though it was a great game.

It stops at the Armor Games intro!

But it sounds like a good game. Too bad I couldn't play it.

Nice one

Awesome game, i acheived every acheivment in my first run through except 'failure' xD

anyway, the only things that could make this game better are:
Customisable/upgradable weapons
Multiplayer mode (online or 1 computer)
Arena mode: Battle it out with other robot (randomise parts) and set difficulty level

Apart from that, the perfect game here!!