Reviews for "Juggerdome"

Infinite Loop

Everytime i press "play" it just leads me back to the screen whre i press "play".


One heck of a fine game. fun captive, and just all round awesome.

This is how you make a game.

"By every god and his mother, why did I ever sign anything bearing the conartist's seal?"

Lots of fun!

Great game man, I enjoyed it a lot. Could have been a bit harder, or had the option of buying the end bosses' nuke gun. But otherwise very cool!

great game.

I was playing this a week ago, and now i'm playing it again :P

to blitz9z9, you can get 'Bertha', but you have to work for it. I suggest reading the author comments.

Loved the game

I really enjoyed playing this game. though it was a little bit easy

Keep up the good work