Reviews for "Juggerdome"

could be better

sweet game.
fix the bugs and you'd have an 12 here.

Vary Easy with this setup..

Lvl 4 Leg Speed Upgrade
4X Proximity Mine (note mines do 400dmg)
4X Heat Sink

Just run around and place mines on North, South, East,West spawn points.

Other then the easy win, I enjoyed this game and would have played it more if there where more stages..Keep up the good work


One heck of a fine game. fun captive, and just all round awesome.

This is how you make a game.

"By every god and his mother, why did I ever sign anything bearing the conartist's seal?"


i can see why people like this but if you guy's think its hard to use space for secondary fire try using a european "azerty"keyboard its rlly hard so shut up about space okay

nice...it's smash time!

nice visuals (prisoners go splat!XD), an interesting story, lots of guns, upgrades, and enemies to kill, and, to top it off, a big effing mech to run around in! i love this game! it takes some getting used to walking around and using the spacebar and mouse, but i got used to it. otherwise good game.