Reviews for "Juggerdome"


Great game!
Some areas need some tweaking,
for example, i equipped 4x proximity mines,
and just piled them at the doors, and won
every level that way.
For the last boss, you can just stand right next
to him and let his own nukes destroy him...
But other than that, a great game!
With the potential to be developed much further
into a fullscale game.

Awesome Killing game

I give it 9 for the effort and the fun of traps :)

good job.

try making another good game. more people+more guns= greatest game.

Nothing new

killing,upgrading,and killing nothing new at all.


This is like one of my favorite games! I already played this game through 10 times! I like being able to customize my weapons and stuff. Its also fun bringing down a reighn of death to prisoners as you plow through them with guns the size of them! The weapons are great and the overheat time doesnt take too long to go down. But some times i would face a stupid npc. But over all this game is amazing!