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Reviews for "Trap Master"


Very fun game, it makes me want to see what will happen if i upgrade my stuff. Addicting if you will, very nicely made and wonderfull monsters. 19/10 (^_^)

Awsome Game

Nice graphics, not too hard gameplay, could use different bosses though, and love the teaser on "Jennifer" she looks "Hot"

Looks fun but I cant see a thing.

Ill give you some points cuz it looks awesome and ill probably be able to play later.Fixing this problem would be great.

i love this game!

the graphics,characters and traps deserve a good mark,but i think from starting a new round the charcters get there quite slow and for improvement try to make the waves hurry in more so far 5/5 8/10

Hey, fun.

I found it was an all-round good game... If a tiny bit hard...

Isn't it illegal, on newgrounds, to advertise another site?