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Reviews for "Trap Master"

Gets boring

It's an excellent game; there's a combination of player based defense together with strategic placement of supportive traps, however, once the game reaches level 21 the game becomes very repetitive. Instead of making the waves of enemies stronger, you make them longer; this doesn't make them more difficult, only more tedious. At one point, the cost of waiting for my traps to kill all of the enemies in the wave outweighed the enjoyment I got from leveling up my faculties and I stopped playing. Still though, this was highly addictive and deserves an excellent score.

Traptastic game!

This game was extremely funn y at first but as the game progresses and u become able to fend off the invasion more easily it starts decaying in fun. Out of the two characters the worm was theonly one with charisma and with a good firing abilty (i haven´t unlocked the 3rd one, for some reason i have the feeling it´s a gruesome female monster covered on goo or stuf like that >_<

Anyways really good, just a cuple of things to improve, the game starts becoming repetitive and th hundreds of tiny enemies sent are taken off quickly the ship on oil waas a good idea though, and it would be rally cool if the monster appearance changes when it upgrades. That´s all have fun defending ur chest!

I found a huge problem....

...and the huge problme of this game is.... why the hell isnt there medals for us to collect?

i mean the game is super awsome and has no medals? DAMMIT.......


Dude this game is pretty intertaining. plus great music choices, love the rock and role!


this game is very addicting. i love the style of gameplay. this by far has to be my most enjoyed NG game since i joined. love the music, plenty of options in the game to play it to your liking. i also like that if you dont want to listen the music you can just turn it off and load up your media player and listen to what you want. hope to see more games like this from you.