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Reviews for "Trap Master"


This games is fucking EPIC!!! It's the best trap defense game I've ever played! I played it from 1:00 pm to 9:30 pm! EPIC!!! But the best thing to do is have 3 or more sets of corrosive blasters. Upgrade the ones fully that are closest to your Doom Chest. Heavy Stompers aren't really worth getting until you upgrade them, and the Explosive Bridges will come in handy. With catapults, Im suggest they are your first priority. When they appear on the minimap, destroy them immediately! They WILL cause massive damage to your doom chest.

Very well done!

smooth graphics, nice traps, cool monsters and great choice of music! love it


It was pretty kool at first like the first 3 heats then it old very old very fast. It takes a shit long time to even get to a boss. I believe if you make a 2.0 then make the money a bit easier to get and the upgrades a bit cheaper. i mean you gotta win like 6 heats in a row just to upgrade the chest and your monster and be able to use half of your inventory. Overall it was pretty decent.


This game is pure awesomeness! Dig it, Love it....oh yeah. The metal is a nice touch too.


jennifer is sexy 4 eyes,tentacles,floatyness and so many curves..shes an oval