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Reviews for "Trap Master"

this is amazing...

... nearly all flash games are neat little throwaways with virtually zero replay value but this is something I know I will come back to!

Sleek, professional, fun -- the gameplay is great!

Only I thought that level where the wizard appears was just nearly impossibly hard to defend your chest in. Havn't made it past that yet.

Also, it would be nice if money were earned more quickly. I noticed that on some levels, I'd finish with like 5000$ but then on the next level only make $600 or so. That's kinda out of whack.

But those are small complaints -- overall this is one of the best flash games I've ever seen and I've been lurking about here for some time now.


awesome game

but a bit tricky... :D

COOL minus

that thingy when u need to wait for new traps stok is the worst aspect of this game


This is a really well polished and awesome game.
Incredible work, and a job well done.

An easy fav for sure.

Once in a very long time does an internet game...

come along that is this addicting and huge.
(Who remembers ant buster?
How the ants were actually impossible because they
learned which path did the least damage.
That was great...)
So many different layers.
If you just made more guns.
More crushers.
I mean... great game.