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Reviews for "Trap Master"

Really fun

I enjoyed this game.

Dungeon keeper?!

Yes, it really reminds me "Dungeon keeper", a relly great PC defense game from some years ago. The graphics/artworks/sound are good and the control system is easy and intuitive.
The weapons are well balanced and have a lot of upgrades, definitely fun.
Ah.....nice preloader!

Great Game! BUGGED out on me 1st time around!

I don't want to be one of those douchebags that find one thing wrong and drop a rating, so heres the 10. Anyways, Awesome Awesome game. The carnage was great. Sucked tho I got to the last lvl and did that jump in the air special "S" and my guy got stuck in between the 'stone/ground/bridge/platform?" So I had to beat the lvl 'away' from the chest while everything was going on, AnD had to finish him off, but luckily... his body somehow found its way up to my level and was able to beat it. Besides that. Keep em coming. Rock On.


Pure Win

I. - Concept; I mean, this is a truly original perspective for a defense game.
II. - Story; the simple fact that I'm the so-called "badass" monster that merely tries to defend its beloved treasure the so-called "heroes" are trying to "win" from us.
III. - Buildup; it's got a steady, well-balanced increase in both features and difficulty.
IV. - Music; not distracting, but intense and gives the game that true construction feel from RTS and rampage-action games.
V. - Impressive preloader and gamesafe-implementation; it's not aggressive at all, yet you keep peeking at the icon time after time.

Colors and contrast are a bit too hardcore for my LCD though, and it doesn't meet my gore/pr0n factor, but hey - can't stuff everything in a single defender, right? :P

It's great...

Good enough, I just wish that fire wouldn't run out but it wouldn't be so powerful as well. Good to upgrade though...