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Reviews for "Trap Master"

so fun!

its from a mix of starcraft and dungeons and dragons like gameplay (idk y)

Reminds me...

Of dungeon keeper...But more hands on! Loved it, great graphics and game play. Traps were neat. Very cool.

Best tower defence

As in the title, this is the best tower defence game I have ever played.
Trap master has numerous advantages: perfect, dynamic music, tasty art (including different graphics of a dungeon for each monster) and very nice sounds. Traps are useful, altough there is a lot of common ideas (I mean acid, freeze and area attack towers) but they`re mixed up with more crative stuff: stompers and th whole "Devices" category. Normal difficulity is easily betable without blocks and mines, yet in challenges and monstrous mode they are must-have. Ladders and bridges are always useful.
Nice idea is making bigger difference in characters: Cezar uses normal missiles (later he gains ability of rebound) while Maurice throws fire balls that stop in some distance from the point from which they were fired and explode after some time or when enemy is near, causing area damage.
Enemies can be divided into few types: melee ones (most basic, and easier to kill), ranged (only a bit harder ones, but traps placed near Doom chest have them in range, so no problem), and special (catapults-the mightier enemies short after the beginning of game; boats/submarines-quite irritating, especially when they come in bigger amount since only few traps can be placed on positions from which submarines can be damaged; guys on huge bombs-fast and dealing great damage, a pain in the ass when you have no traps at the highest floor; and Golems, that are disabling traps, those guys are the most irritating type of enemy, leaving them without pack of missiles shot at their backs can ruin whole plan). The wizard brings it own empowered troops that are able to break through the best defense even on normal mode. Everything works jus perfect, excluding standard levels of normal mode, because they are faaar from being anything similiar to chalenging.
After this quick summary, there is a time for minuses. One, to be accurate. Normal mode is do damn boring, I was not far from closing the game, but, luckily, I managed to get to level 30 and beat it (which was veryyy easy) and I was suprised with end of the game. Great thing that authors decided to end it at that moment, because even one level more would be too much.
Waiting for new traps in stock is good thing, it makes the game overall harder, it is not like all other tower defences when we can have enormous amount of defense structures.
Sooo.... I have found only one disadvantage... This means that Trap master is worth getting 10. Congratulations to authors, you have made almost perfect game (because normal difficulity still is pathetic).

This game...

should be on every console, PC, and in every arcade worldwide...

it's so addictive it should come with its own warning, it's that good.


I didn't stop until I had everything. Simple. Great. Addicting