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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"

as fun as it is

2 things

1 the gravity is too strong

2 its hard to control can u fix that


galaxies were formed out of the birth of a black hole smartone so yeah it does make sence for blackhole to come out of galaxy since they are in the center of every single one in teh universe


It kept my attention for awhile, until I (as a galaxy) was pushed back into planet-dom after I got too near three or four grouped-together galaxies that were much bigger than me. I couldn't see them coming until I was hooked into their gravity, big time, and I couldn't get out until my mass was so insignificant as to be meaningless. THough I was holding my mouse out to the furthest possible point from the galaxies, it was not enough, which honestly was really frustrating.

Could use improvement

This is an interesting concept for a game, but sadly, you didn't do it full justice.
For one, it's glitchy. As a galaxy, i went to eat a red giant, which then proceeded to drain me of all my mass instead of being absorbed into my galaxy.
Second, the controls suck. I like being able to look around with the mouse, but I would still prefer to use the arrow keys to move.
Third, the ending was seriously anticlimactic.
Fourth, it makes no sense. Red giant stars are nowhere near the size of galaxies, planets are nowhere near the size of stars, etc. About the only size relationship that made sense was the one between space rocks and planets. And another thing, galaxies don't turn into black holes, stars do. Galaxies are larger than black holes.
Fifth, as solidus said, the moons harm more than help. You should make it so that moons won't damage and push away potential food.
Sixth, the music, when there is any, is insanely repetitive and annoying.
Seventh, I'm pretty sure everybody would like to play longer after the black hole stage.
Like I said, this could have been a really great game, but instead, you made an annoying, frustrating, and disappointing one.

this is ok.

The overall concept is great, but execution needs some work. I have played both og these games and one overall, frustrating thing comes up, you never know when or where bigger plants/rocks etc are comming up. Yeah, You can not move for a sec and see where you are being pulled, but I have found that when you go the opposite direction, you usually plow right into something else, and it happens so much that you are forced to take several hits before escaping. I would like to see some sort of map or grid interface that shows you what is comming up, as you are aimlessly wandering around. I also saw that little asteroids were introduced to act as a sort of shield against 1 hit from bigger objects and that's great. However, the astroid shield also hurts or destroys things you are meant to devour, either making the snack not so worth it, or pointless altogether. At first, when I saw that it was helping, I tried to collect many, then saw that folly and tried to avoid them. So, this new addition, to me, is a double edged, frustrating sword. I also do not like the new control scheme with the mouse, I felt I had some better control using the arrow keys from the first game. If you make another game, please consider some of these critiques.