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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"


But still funn C:

did i win

i became a huge full screen black hole and couldnt, does that mean i win


It's a awesome game. Played it like 20 times but when I am finished with the black hole part, it begins to grow and then freeze. I donĀ“t know what to do... Is it the end?

Almost there, just a little more

Compared to the first game, there is a huge improvement in graphics and overall feeling, but there are a few things that are just wrong.
I know that planets are positioned on stage randomly, but more often than not they end up too close to each other, like 7-8 planets three times bigger than mine grouped together in semicircle. Their gravity field is to strong and too wide to escape.
So, please, if you could make the program to position the planets a little less random, i think everyone would appreciate it a lot.
Last thing, good thinking with the comets, it's an interesting addition. Only, if you could make it so that they didn't orbit around you on their own, but insted it's you who control them i think it would make more sense as an attack/defense device(and it won't make the game too easy, but more challenging, because, as it is now, it's more about luck than skills)

1st is awsome!

hey ges what guys i came 1st in cosmic crush it is so awsome.