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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"

Really good

5/5 9/10 only because in the end i became a giant black ball i think it may have meant to be a black hole(Even though black holes are smaller than galaxy's) and i couldn't do anything and also the moons kept getting in my freaking way when i was playing i think the moons shouldn't do anything to planets smaller than you cuz you always accidentally waste a moon and make a source of growth smaller by accident >:( should have made it so planets smaller than you wouldn't be affected by your moon. Overall it's a good game....It's better than cosmic crush one but cosmic crush one was funner and had more options like keyboard.

wow 74th lvl wus hard ^-^

great again bill keep up da good work mon >_< i got to big for the screen and got ownd cus i was the midget pinball an was swolled by endless slamming my top score was a mass of 56,000 but i didnt send score lol

Good But..

It was overall better then the first but the mouse motion is kinda out there. I was really hoping for the ability to use the mouse or the key board. The sound is good. The graphic's are super. Pause button next time please.

Great, but a few things missing...

Overall, this is a great improvement over the first one. The graphics are much better (and make more sense with their collision fields), the loss of mass works better than an instant-fail condition, and the moon thing is helpful. I have only two suggestions for modifying it (or additions if you make another sequel):

*Moons should only be destroyed if they hit objects BIGGER than them. If they hit small things, maybe absorb the small things into their own mass?
*Also, two words: PAUSE BUTTON.

Aside from these missing things, it's a very solid game. And the camera-move thing helps a bit.

A bit unrealistic, a bit annoying.

Yes, the game is better overall than the first, but it is still a bit annoying. Firstly, if two stars or galaxies collided, wouldnt they either destroy each other or create a massive black hole? Secondly, I am annoyed by the placement of multiple large objects in one area. It becomes extremely hard to get away and you end up losing. The other thing, the moons can become helpful, but mostly they are the EXACT opposite. I keep trying to get a rock, planet, etc., and the moons do two things: (1)knock it away and make it smaller, (2)reducing the overall size you gain IF you can touch it without destroying it WITH YOUR FREAKIN MOONS(!!!!!!!!!!). Plus, its very repeteive and gets boring, along with the long amount of time you spend floating around trying to find something smaller than you. The odds of this seem to be about... 30-40 to 100.
The being able to move the screen is better(which also seems pointless because if you stop to look around, you will probably end up being sucked into something bigger), and the lesser effect of gravity is better, but neither really seem to make up for the bad parts. A MINIMAP WOULD REALLY HELP.

Try fixing these, and pay attention to what the players want. If you do, your games will be more popular and will have a better score.

I know you probably dont like what Im saying, but thats what I feel is wrong. Its called criticism.

Anybody else agree? Also, dont note this as an "abusive" review. Most of you very well agree with me and know these can be fixed.