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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"

I love it but...

I love this style of game, I love the gravity and the planets, and so on and so forth. However I found a few things that I feel would improve the game for the sequel :)

1. Whenever your moving, you cant see what is behind you as the screen moves to allow you to see where your going... often times I want to know where all the gravitational forces behind me are so I can "sheer" away from them. Why not make it an option? Centered veiw or the default veiwing ahead. Or better yet, simply add full screen.

2. Some galaxies are glitchy, they appear smaller then mine but I bounce off of them and then one of my moons hits it and the other galaxy pops up to about 3 times my size with the improved gravity! Has knocked me down to planetary size once.

3. The ending isnt that wonderful... i just didnt like how I turned into a massive blackhole considering how most galaxies have one in the center anyways.

4. what happened to level/survival mode? I only see start game... I miss the survival mode.

5. I liked how in the original even if you were smaller you could slowly drag larger masses away with your small gravity, I dislike how in the new one you cant. Though it makes it very clear who is bigger and smaller.

Things I would like to see in a sequel (and please please make one) :-)

A. Full screen, and camera control or options.

B. More sizes with effects between them. Like this: Asteroid which would eventually gain enough mass to spin spherical into a; Planet (not always earth please) which eventually gathers so much mass that the core compresses and the gravity pulls stellar gases against itself forming a; gas gaint (or brown dwarf star) which would eventually eat enough other masses to ignite its atmosphere forming a; yellow star (like the sun) which would eventually gain so much mass if would form a dim; red/blue gaint star which would eventually gain so much mass 1 of 2 things would happen (both and random would be cool) it goes supernova and forms either a neutron star or a blackhole (neutron star if it just barely made the supernova size and blackhole if it ate something big and really exceeded the limit) the neutron star would turn into a blackhole next anyways; the blackhole would show size by having a particle disk around it (letting you judge your size against other black holes).

C. Mini map, optional. I like wandering around in space, it never hindered my gameplay and made it feel realistic.

D. Never-ending map? Possibly allow generation of random stuff in any given direction? It sounds difficult to me, but that would be awesome.

E. Allow the classic sudden death from version 1, where if anything bigger then you touched you it ate you and you lost. Make it a gameplay mode or unlockable, naturally without comets and moons.

F. Moons dont make sense to me after stars... star have orbiting planets... but galaxies are made of orbiting stars.

G. Have invisible black holes that only are visible when you get close and it starts to slowly steal your mass (i noticed in the first game in survival mode that the spawning new yellow stars looked like blackholes with a particle disk and because they only spawned in my line of sight it was always when I was nearby)

H. Would be nice if the "enemy" planets and stuff would affect each other in terms of gravity, orbits or something. Though I can see how it might break the game as all the mass would simply be drawn towards the center of mass.

I. Top left of the screen, score/mass indicator.

J. Last idea... different starting classes/story lines? Starting as a small asteroid and devouring the universe is classic and good, what about a black hole that slowly is shrinking and has to continously keep eating, make it survival with the score being the time survived.

Thanx for reading it all, hope it helps with the next one. I love all the games with planets and gravity. And especially this one.


Good game, until i came across another red star that was smaller than me but damaged me although i was larger. 4/5 (8/10)

What the hell?

there was this like glitched galaxy and its gravity brought me in and it killed my to the yellow sun! :(

It was alright.

I thought it was quite an addicting game until you get to be a black hole im guessing is the ending part. I do not like the moon very much though it does come in handy once in a while, I just did not like how it could destroy the planet you were trying to eat and if you get too many it could happen often.

Almost there...

Some clear improvements over the first, and still has potential to be a 10-star awesome game...

but i still suggest having a mini-map on part of the screen showing your position relative to the whole "level" (sort of like the rectangular mini-zone map in World of Warcraft). I got up to a big planet with 4 moons real quickly, then spent 10 minutes scouring empty space looking for the asteroid-equivalent to a needle-in-a-haystack.