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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"

Worse than the 1st one

Sorry, but it is worse than the first one.
It is more frustrating as moons are more of a nuisance than a help; they blow away all the smaller rocks you want to eat, and inadequately push away and shrink the rocks that are bigger than you.
Besides that, the sense of gravitational pull from bigger rocks in space around you is far more confusing, as well as a lot more frustrating, because you put in the random generator (or at least a formula for it), which at times, puts you into a trap, where big fat clusters of big fat rocks surround you on almost all sides, pulling you in more than you can escape from, forcing you to start over.

I suggest for a sequel that moons go away or made so that they do the opposite for big ones and small ones; that they shoot away the big ones, and keep the small ones close.
Also, perhaps some dust flying off of your own rock, indicating a big gravity cluster in that direction

awesome game

hurray, daily 3rd place! anyways, is the game over after u become a black hole or wat? i couldnt really do anything so i just pressed give up and sent in my score. if theres more 2 the game, can some1 post something about it?

If there will be a 3

I hope it gets better o3o I mean this game is good but it still has room. I Feel like any game that makes me want to dodge power ups must fail at something l3;; Mouse controls was an interesting idea to keep it go around but it becomes irritating and sore after a while. Maybe allow players to choose between mouse n arrows? ALSO, I like how you only loose a bit after hitting something instead of hitting something and dying. My problem becomes that after I hit something I can't really get away from it anymore. My last bug (that might be me seeing things) is that It sorta looks like the planets are closing in on me? o_o;

In short: Power ups need to not knock away my food, choose between arrows or mouse, weird gravity well strength, and length... after 'winning' I was wondering what would happen next for a while o3o;

@Everyone: [SPACE] Button pauses! Good GAWD!

Amazing game. I really enjoyed it. Got weekly second place! Woot!
While I do feel that the moons smashing away smaller planets is frustrating, it adds to the strategy of it all, and I found that it made the game a helluva lot more fun when you could time to NOM smaller planets and time to smack bigger ones.

Again. Great game.
And again: Seriously guys! There is already a pause button! [Space]
It was in the tutorial >:C


i win this game is very good
better than the oldest 5/5