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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"


5/5 9/10 this was awesome... but i do agree the moons can be annoying.. but hey its a MOON its solid and bashes things out of its orbit... lol tis wat it dose, could make movement a bit easyer


hate how big planets make u die by pulling you in

A sequel - everything become great?

At first - Cosmic Crush 1 was great. Nice Concept. I loved the "radar"
I stand still and a moving is the signal "MASS THERE". This was simple, this was fun. I loved the swinging between and whit masses. I can't escape the gravitation of the sun - game over?
I start a drive around the sun and ESCAPED.

Ok, i started whit Episode 1 - why?
All the cool things are "fixed"
I can't scan the field whit a mouse system. At the speaking of this point. Why i need this "scan". I can use the mouse. Ok, this is not a bug, it is a feature. But it is joined whit the moving system. Oh jear, cool, the big ultra sun is catching me, i will look if i can swing around but NO
the mouse must be in the right under corner. OR I WILL DIE *scream*
if you disconnect the movement from the Viev - this will be a nice upgrade.

by the way...
the moons are a nice feature. i can cut down the asteroids/planats/suns/(grey holes?) black holes. This is a nice feature. But - i don't die if i hit something. I bounce and bounce away and shrink a little bit. booooooring
There is no risk, no risk -> no fun! It is like superman. Ok, maybe it is cool to crash some hours around but a overpowered godlike protagonist is not cool, there is no drama!
Maybe a special mode whit a game over after the first crash?

And finally, some bugs/nuisances
*at a "growing" (planat->sun, like this) i can get a "super gravity" (like 4 big suns at one place) only a short hop away. Coool, and shrink again >..<
*there are to many moons. If i will catch a small prey between the "big guys" a moon and i bounce a big guy away, and yes, the other big guy catch me.
*the prey is near and...a moon come along and kick the planet away.
*too many moons
*near a super gravity field. my planet is not on the screen. the planat is somewhere above and the cursor is at the bottom of the screen. Super, everything become MORE special.

Finally, this is a cool Katamari/gravaty/something else mix. I like the concept but the previous part was cooler.
6/10 CC2


It start fun but after a while it's just boring and hard. And the end is just a big black circle? why? lol. It's beautifull but too hard to control.


Its really great buts gets really hard when u get bigger