Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"


Not bad, but not my type of game.
Sorry~ :D


Some of the impacts are a little off (was getting killed by some things that weren't even touching me), but that's no more than a minor complaint.

I like this little tribute you've got here, mate.

Its good but...

Your hitTest() isn't the best. As an example why: You die if you come within 4px of the enemy you die.

The music wasn't bad, the idea is good, but seriousy.... password saves?!?!

I tried...

I really did. I just don't have the patience for these kind of games... Got to like... Level 5... Meh. Anyway, I understand everything was meant to be the way it was, all's well. Only problem I found - If you "expand game" using the little box with arrows in the upper right hand corner, above the game, all it seems to do is zoom in on the top left of the game. If you jump, you can see the top half of a very large Klungo holding a very large world. It only did it once I was playing, and not at the level select screen... I was going to try this on other levels, but I forgot the password... Sigh. I can only assume that you didn't mean for that to happen =)

Great retro game

The first five minutes of playing I wanted to give this a zero because of the steep initial challenge. but after getting used to it and realizing that this is a moving puzzle more than a platform I started to enjoy it. It keeps the difficulty but becomes possible and I like the retro style the game has too.