Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"

eh kinda boring

its alright i kinda got bored of it though would be nice if you could walk on your own


i gave this game 5 chances it looks and is great only one problem YOU CAN DIE WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING THE LADYBUG THINGS IF THAT WAS FIXED THIS WOULD BE SUCH A FUN GAME plz fix that

poor quality game

poor graphics, controls are nonexistent other then jump and the sound it some of the lowest quality out there and the gameplay is boring to the most

and the author blames these on the original game and insults those that dont agree so another jerk to the area


WHY! WHY MAKE THIS I HATED IT ON BANJOKAZOWIE NUT"S AND BOLT"S! but I can stand it here, now you may wonder why did I even give the game sush a low score then well....BECUSE THIS IS IN RELATION TO THAT ABOMNATION OF A GAME B&K N&B! THAT'S WHY AND WHY CAN'T YOU HIT STUFF WITH EARTH NOW SOME PEOPLE MAY SAY "well that's the joke" and yes i would be abel to deal with this, but there is just one thing....THE GAME BANJOKAZOWIE NUT'S AND BOLT'S IS A GOD AWALFUL GAME IS EVEN GOOD ENOUGH AND DESERVIGN ENOUGH TO BE CALLED A BANJOKAZOWIE GAME! So no hat eto you the programer, coolboyman I don't hate your'e game I just hate the game your'e game is asoiated with. P.S ROT IN HELL BANJOKAZOWIE NUT'S&BOLT'S AND IF ANY ONE HAS SAYES IT'S A GOOD GO PLAY THE FIRST TWO THEN TELL ME IF YOU STILL THINK IT'S A GOOD GAME!

That was terrible.

This game just need some better damned controls and some less damned annoying music! I can't stand writing this because of the god damned music!