Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"


BANJO&KAZOO i loved that game on the nintendo64


Good old Banjo-Kazooie. Great way of bringing Klungo Ssssssssaves Teh World to flash.


THIS GAME SUCKS...na i just kidding this game is a great addition to KLUNGO. But anyway i played and beat the original on N&B and i cant wait for Klungo save teh universe


me and banjo are brothers cause banjo was made in 1998 and i was born in 1998 yay im brother with a video game charaters and my sister was born in 2000 and banjo tootie came out in 2000 OMG OMG banjo give me a hug brother

You're doing a great job, Keep going!

Because I'm a big fan of UniF, and UniC, I can't be more excited then this. Very fun game. Hard! but fun. Im looking foreword to see your next games. :)