Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"


If you tried to make a retro game ,its okay, if not it sucks.

good tribute

I couldn't get enough of this terrible great game... but I have a big problem with it, that I die when I'm about 5 pixels away from an enemy!
otherwise TERRIFIC version of klungo sssaves teh world from Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts (for those of you who don't get the game)

so cool

its retro and addictive and original just how i like it. besides, the donkey 64 OST was the cherry on top of the cake.

it OK

it needs a little work but great job


This game reminds me of "Unfair Platformer" if anyone remembers that game. You have to play over and over to learn the level and jump/not jump at just the right times. It took me a frustrating few minutes to realize this was that type of game. Die over and over again. Get used to the level. Then win. Good way to learn some patience. I guess I also site "Unfair Platformer" for the switchess level, where most turn on a bridge or remove a wall while others kill you. :) I did like te silly ways to die/win info. I haven't seen a game author yet include that kind of meta gaming info outright.