Reviews for "Klungo Saves Teh Flash!"


Not bad, but not my type of game.
Sorry~ :D

it was good...

it seems hard though. on the second level, i die right before the first enemy. i can jump over it, but still. in the original game, enemys don't move, but it's a good concept, though. B+!


A difficult thinking game.
Its a good game, fun and sometimes its annoying when you loose :P
Not the best and surely not the worst.
Good job.


I never played the original, but this game is quite fun. I like the simplicity yet difficulty of it. Some criticism:

-The background on the wild west level hurts my eyes. Scrolling it so fast like that is a bad idea.

-Using Control as a key is a bad idea. Sticky keys for the lose. You should have just used "xcvb" for the power ups.

-It's a bit short.

-And lastly, the thing that keeps you from getting a 9, gay password saving system! Seriously, just save with local cookies. Passwords may be retro, but it's NOT a feature worth keeping. (If you want to emulate it, then just have the password listed in the game once you unlock it but still make the player type it in.)


It's not brilliant, but it's good considering it's your first time using as3.

In level one, I would have preferred it if you started the music at the start of the song. But other than that, it's alright.