Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"

to difficult

I think it would be better if you could earn money and buy lots and lots of upgrades, the game gets to difficult to fast


get too hard to quick, you end up dying in like 1 minute. Powerups should be either permanent or more numerous.


There is a few problems with this game in my opinion. Although the concept is nice.

1. There is not "power up" bar for holding click
2. the powerups don't last long enough
3. The weapons are not powerful enough as there are too many enemies on the screen to deal with if you don't have a powerup.
4. Not enough powerups.


Nice concept, old school arcade style, really freaking hard, weapons good idea but bad, only really liked the repeater, although nice try

Nice but...

Weapons, really really, sucked. The idea was nice tough.