Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

Ha Ha

I am glad to see this wooden actor die. For those defending his acting ability, maybe we should have someone make a game staring... you. Call it the Kiss Keanu's Ass game. And in that game, he continues making money off retards who defend him as an actor and even, *shudder*, a musician.

I've got one thing to say to Keanu... Whoa.

RE: loser!!!

Dumb-bitch. he spelled the fucking name right. I have the box for The Matrix right here. It is Keanu Reeves. Don't fuck around unless you know what you are talking about, you stupid piece of shit.

ermm.... nah, sorry

that was bogus. really pointless, minimal effort... altogehter pretty poor. no background? figures

don;t diss Keanu

C'mon, you have to admit Keanu was pretty badass in The Matrix. The shootout scene in the lobby of the government building? you have to admit that was badass! Matrix Reloaded is out, BTW, and there will be a third, Matrix Revolutions, coming out in November.


Its a ok game. But not enough Blood. Classic arcade shooter gameplay was great. And when you lose and win you got some dumbass faggot voices. Should get rid of those motherfuckers.