Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

u should have used ur own picture instead of Keanu

i`ve nutin 2 say here


even from a person who liked the matrix movies the matrix movies i have to say this game is cool!


I'll be blunt.
1) the game sucks. The gameplay sucks. The concept is weak and the graphics are crappy. Not worth even looking up.

2) True, you can express your dislike of a person in many ways. This is not one of them not is it even an attempt at being creative. "Oh, I hate so-and-so. I know! I'll make a game where you can shoot him! I are smart!"

Do the world a favor and stop do something useful with what talent you have. This...isn't it.

A bit on crap side

its a load of crap.no blood splatter,you don't have enough life and keanu has loads of health.rubbish.

I'll make this review helpful.

Aim at his hands to kill him. The stars are is your health. The final battle aim at his head!