Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

can you actually make a funny game worth playing?

i totally did not like this, it was the worst, a waste of time, first if you want to kill someone, make it FUNNY not just "Oh there he is shoot him!"
have humor and better sound!!

hey dude i like keanu reeves

hey i like keanu reeves britney spears and kristina aguilera that a whole other story!!!

This was the dumbest game I've ever played.

What the heck was that. This game is gay. The graphics sucked,the action sucked,the violence sucked. I have more fun sleeping! This game really sucks!


HE WONT DIE!! Mommy why he die!! AUGH HE WONT DIE!!!!!! I have gone crazy over this!! HE WONT DIE AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this could be better

this could be better if it dident take so long to open