Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

Not very good

The game was too EASY and when you BEAT IT the
"No way ted" part was GAY!! other than that, you've done a really FINE job on making a CRAPPY game! but since it was FUN blowing Keanu's brains out! It was'nt ALL BAD!!!


My sister LOOOOOVVEESSS Keanu. She even has wiered fantasys about him that even I'm not aware of O.O Keanu is cool, but when he starts getting my sister overobsessed and wierd, things go to hell.


I hate keanu...so this made me happy. Matrix my ass. That movie blew, and Keanu didn't help it with his superb acting skills. The game was alright, a little easy and could use better animation but Keanu still sux so I gave this a higher score. Kung-Fu.......Kung-POW!

Kung Fu.....I have a gun

Well....it's okay, but you should make Keanu move, cuz appearing like that is not hard. The flash game is too simple


it is good cos i hate reeves