Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"


u gotta shoot his hands off before u shoot his head+when he is in his martial arts stance u hafta shoot his head bout 20X before it comes off. Hardly satifying but not as hard as ppl think. great music tho!!! what artist?

#1 thing here is you people suck

ok i beat this game, it took me 2 tries, *oh no*
you blow off his hands a bunch and shoot his head when they are gone, eventually he ends up without a gun standing there and u have to blow his head off by repeatedly blasting it.

this was an .. OK game, and it is beatable people ill screenshot my win if you dont belive me its very easy.

That sucked

He doesnt even die? why is this in the assassin section agtain? I throught people die here and the games are good.

it was okay

you could only shoot him in one place..either the face or the gun in his hand...the ending stunk...but if was still fun


wtf was with that? u had to hit him like 50 times! if shooting him in the face doesnt do anything, dont make it!!!