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Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


A solo collab, someone must of had a surge of ideas :p. For being a solo project, I was impressed by the sprite work and audio. However, since it is a sprit flash, I'm afraid my animation morals dont let me give it above an 8. However, as far as sprites flashes go, your at the top! Keep working!

Sunrie responds:

Hey, you do what you feel is right. Seeing as an 8 is your highest for sprites, I thank you very much, since I earned enough of your respect to get your highest possible rating.

Good stuff here! but longer :o

It was mainly worth the wait to watch it but it should have had more inside for it. but ide like to see more from u, keep it up!

Sunrie responds:

I was a little concerned it wouldn't be long enough, actually. I'm glad you liked it so much regardless. Thank you.


nice movie, the kicking was funny especially when its on vegeta..
great work though! nice one...!

Sunrie responds:

I wanted that to kind of be my one running joke. Honestly, I have no idea what Vegeta is saying, except when he says his name, but it came from his sound clip used in Super Sonic Warriors.

Ech, rather subpar

The jokes weren't that funny, really. The only scene I could say even got me to crack even the slightest smile is "GRAAA."

The animation wasn't too bad; better than many other shitty sprite flashes that find their way to Newgrounds, at least. You tried a few minor-but-important effects like lip-syncing, but these could still use a bit of work.

Sunrie responds:

Tried? More like did. The only reason the lip syncing looks odd in one of them is the transparency effect. Trust me, I'm one of the better lip syncing people.

You know what they say: Can't please everyone. It's really too bad that I couldn't give you a better time while watching this, but that's how it is at times.

At least you feel it's better than many other sprite Flashes on here, however, I do notice the back handed nature of your comment ("other shitty sprite Flashes", meaning this is a shitty sprite Flash...I can only conclude you do not like sprites in general).

Finnally a good sprite movie

every scene made me laugh which is a good thing...
what alot of people don't understand is that the point to an animation is entertainmentand you my friend did it!

Sunrie responds:

I agree. Entertainment is number one in this type of thing, and I'm glad i was able to bring that to the table.