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Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


that was amazing. vegeta got pwnd!!! that was hilarious. it made my day.

Sunrie responds:

Haha, I figured he'd be a good one to beat up on, plus a sound clip I had of him speaking, he said his own name, so there it is.

Vegeta just makes a good punching bag.


Joke's were great.. lol

Good animations 10/10

Sunrie responds:

Excellent, thank you very much.

Oh hilarious!

Just one question... What font did you use?

Sunrie responds:

That font is actually from Kingdom Hearts. You can PM me for the font file, as if I listed where I got it here, I could be considered advertising, since many items on the website are for sale. The font is free, however.

I lol'd!

Especially at the Vegeta part...haha!

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the "explosion effects" from the beginning of the movie, where the guy was hitting the car? I thought that it'd be Guilty Gear or Metal Slug, but not real sure so I thought I'd ask you.

Sunrie responds:

The explosion effect used in the preloader and in the MM Zero scene are actually from a Sonic Battle game on the Gameboy Advanced. You can locate them over at the Spriter's Resource website, which I have listed in the credits.

I'm glad you liked the Vegeta part. That was my "running joke" for this mash up.

I'd say it turned out pretty well.

The thing I wont ever get is people who review sprite movies that HATE Them. its like they just go out of their way to be douches eh? Anyway, all in all i'd say there's alot of original humor here. I've not seen one sonic, or mario joke in here (though i wouldn't mind if they were haha) The scat man scene still cracks me up to this day!
Over all damn good work on this!


Sunrie responds:

They go out of their way to state how they hate them and automatically zero bomb it. Why? Because of some moronic view they have about "stolen work". Show me where in FF6 what I animated with them happens and I will admit I stole the work.

Those same morons wouldn't dare tell Johnny Utah, Stamper, or anyone else who worked on the Street Fighter Collab that they stole the characters. Why? Because some how, if I had drawn these skits, but had the same characters, I wouldn't be "stealing", but I am "stealing" using the sprites. Yeah, I don't get it.

I had to separate the animations, import them into Flash, size them correctly, time them correctly, and get them animated in the correct way. It's really stupid to say "OMG STOLEN!"

Thanks, man, and the whole Scatman thing is still one of my favorite sketches, though I have to say, the final scene I did is my all time favorite one in this.