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Reviews for "Holy Sprites"

it was silly

It woulda been alot better if it was longer.

But I really enjoyed it

Sunrie responds:

Length was one of my concerns, but I didn't want to make it drag out too long. I'm glad you really enjoyed it.

Hahaha amazing!

Great! short and to the point! and the jokes where original! Very refreshing!

loved it! Scaat maaaaaan! hahaha

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much, it is much appreciated

haha good ol john

I thought it was pretty funny but I'm not really into those jokes and stuff.

Scatman John is fucking ridiculous I can't believe you put that song on there.

I used to show that music video to my friends to make them laugh. lol.

Sunrie responds:

I'm glad you thought it was funny even if you aren't into the whole "VG/Sprite Humor" thing.

I was a Freshman in high school when that song came out. I'm not sure what the total hate on it is, other than how over played it was. Also, it's great to use for that type of joke. I just wonder why other people haven't done it yet.

Yeah, the music video is pretty funny, though!

build up

started out kinda slow then it builded up into something reallly funny and orginal kirby scream of death hahah priceless

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, the first two were from an earlier version of this, but I didn't want to chuck them out completely.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Kriby scream. While him screaming to death metal isn't original, I figured him doing a fatality style scream to death metal against Sindel would be.

that image will haunt me forever....

i'm a scat man!!!!!!!!.......... /puke

awesome job for all but that one scene.......

/gouge my eyes out

Sunrie responds:

You can thank Wyldfyre1 for that scene *L* I didn't want to be very graphic with it, which is why I only did the brown sludge.

I'm glad you liked the rest!