Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


Awesomely creative! Lol'd at the Mortal Kombat part and loved the MMZero part! 10/10 5/5!

Great way to be creative.

Wow this was just one random flash that was quite creative just cause it had a lot of the sprites that you don't normally see in a sprite flash here at Newgrounds so it was quite entertaining seeing something new in the sprite field,overall i got a lot of laughs and i enjoyed this very much. =)

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've been having ideas for a second episode, so we'll see how that one goes as well.

When this was released, I missed 5th place for the day by 0.02 *L* I was like, "Oh well." I don't make animations for awards, I make them to entertain.

Right now I'm working on my newest project (name not released but can be seen in my news posts) and getting the Game Ranger 4 script finished.

funny :D

it was very amuseing for a sprite animation, usually there boreing nowadays. my eyes litterly went O_O when i heard my axe play lol.

my fav was the megaman part with zero

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much, I'm glad you believe so!

I was introduced to that song by my cousin. ICP is one of those groups who crack me up and you can't take seriously, or else you come across like a douche.

I'm glad you liked the MMZero part.


Thanks for using my song :)

Very funny stuff :D

Sunrie responds:

You're very welcome. It kick ass.

I'm glad you found it funny.


Aah dude why didnt you tell me you used my song >.<
Guess you wanted to suprise me huh?
Cool sprite movie! And also thanks for using my song!

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, sorry, I keep forgetting to tell people when I use their songs anymore. I'm so focused on getting it done and out, things like that slip by me.

I'm glad you liked the animation. The song fit perfectly.