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Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


that was really good! my favorite part was when it zoomed out to show chun li and fist of north star guy kicking Vegeta's ass i laughed so hard because i didnt see it comming

Sunrie responds:

Good! I was hoping it would be an "OH god!" moment with Chun-Li having jumped in.

Yes the audio...

Yes, the audio does make the filesize go much bigger, you've used the sprites in a good way and the audio goes with the things, the animation was good but I agree with below could be a bit longer. Because if some new person comes along...
"OH! It's 7.1 MB it's going to be looooooooooooong!"

Thanks for reading,
Love TheHugeHeart *

Sunrie responds:

You know, without the scrolling of the credits the file is just over 5.5MB. I'm wondering if it's the way I did the credits this time.

In the Game Ranger series, it doesn't add two megs to the file size because I don't do the credit roll in this manner. I may go back and redo the credits in a different style in order to reduce the file size and re-upload it.

Thank you for the review.

Huge file

but great animation coulda been a bit longer for the file size tho =P

Sunrie responds:

I agree with the file size issue. I think I know what it causing it.


I really enjoyed the entire thing because most of the scenes were unique, hillarious, and didn't drag on for too long. Good work on this project and I hope to see stuff like this in the future!

Sunrie responds:

I'm glad you liked the humor and uniqueness of each scene. I may or may not do something like this again in the future, as I have other projects (Boom De Ah Da Collab and Game Ranger 4) going on.

ROFL funny

Classic. I love the Full Metal Jacket sound clips you added. Everything was smoothly animated. Great Job!

Sunrie responds:

Well, thank you very much!