Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


Thanx for using my song! It was very funny.

Sunrie responds:

You are very welcome. It'll be used for the upcoming Game Ranger episode 4 as well.

I love it!

very creative! also I like it cause it's different, something new for sprite animation!


This was pretty good, but still... meh. You heard me. M. E. H. Meh. Granted, most of the jokes were great (the guy randomly punching Vegeta & Goro, Little Lost, and the bits with Toejam & Earl. Heck, pretty much everything.) This just didn't get me rolling on the ground. You're on the right track, though. Keep it up!

pretty cool

me like it was good and original big yeah but thus the music i guess

Sunrie responds:

Uh...what? Glad you liked it.


Overall good quality, just not all the scenes made me smile. But i laughed very hard when the"Kirby vs Sindel" scene occured. :)

Sunrie responds:

I figured it would be hit or miss with a few. Glad you liked it.