Reviews for "Captain R: Game Ranger 3"

Aww Dude!

My Microphone was so low tech back when I made that for you! I'm glad it still made it though! It brought back memories!

Good Job! I hope I can try out for the next one. And I hope that wont take 2 years to come out lol

Sunrie responds:

Yeah, but didn't it still sound awesome regardless of your mic?

It won't take 2 years, don't worry *LOL* Maybe a year, maybe six months...the sprites are easier to produce now as are the scenes. Of course, we still have to finalize the script!

I just watched the series, loved it.

Not perfect I will admit, but for what it is it's pretty fucking hilarious. Voice acting is done well, Ron's randomly swearing was a nice touch too.

Good work.

Sunrie responds:

Well, nothing will be perfect, and I will also always find problems I would like to fix.

Thank you for the compliment on the voice acting.


your sir are an expert at comedy, a round of applause to you, it wasn't stupid it was funny!

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. The script is being done up for the next installment as well.

Excellent work.

This was a fantastic episode that had a lot of improvements to it,i like the new text boxes you added in this episode and the text went by at a reasonable pace also the script was great too and this episode had a lot more action to offer now that Ron teamed up with both Sonic & Shadow,it was nice to see more characters in this episode such as Kano,Meta Knight & Ken along with some other characters too and they all had great voices too,overall i loved this episode a lot and was a great addition to this awesome series of yours so keep up the great work my good man and i hope episode four will be out soon enough so best of luck to you on that. =)

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much for the long review!

We wanted to definitely show more characters in this one while utilizing different voice actors. The next episode will have a minimum of 16 voice actors involved. We'll continue to use the chat bubbles used in this episode as well, since they worked so well.


tha ending waz really gay

Sunrie responds:

Well, I'm not really sure which ending you're referring to. Do you mean the bonus scene, the final scene, or the end of the battle scene in which Ron gets taken out of the world in the beam of light?

It would be really nice if you could have elaborated more, but never-the-less, I speak for everyone when I say, thank you for at least leaving a review, especially with a 10.