Reviews for "Captain R: Game Ranger 3"

It's a fucking clit. . .

WHY are you afraid of that thing------?
Oh my gawd, you guys, this shit was funny as all get out.
I mean, how CAN you lose with giant pussy knobs, Sonic 'n' Shadow, M.J., Ken, Gano and the rest of the Gang?
How long did it take to make this? Just curious.
Anyway, it was well worth it.
I sat here and ate 2 bowls of cereal watching it!
Good, good stuff. Can't wait til 4 comes out.
*wanders off to go check out episodes 1 & 2* Until then. . .

........Take care, be good and "Watch me daaaaAAAance".period
BTW when the feck are you guys gonna post some more NUGV-Audio subs?
Just DO IT, already! I mean, dayum!

Sunrie responds:

The actual production time was around six months. I did it the hard way at first and didn't learn about the VCam and was putting everything inside of movie clips until half way through doing the "Who is Evil K?" part. Everything else aside from that was already finished.

I don't think there will be anymore NUGV-Audio submissions, sadly.


for a sprite flash this was tight (not just cus i was in it too) oh that beaver is a fag!

good movie sun man sick shit took long as fuck too!

Sunrie responds:

*L* Well, it is always better when you're a part of something and it gets recognition.

No kidding about the time, man. The next one won't be out for a while, since the script will probably take a month or two to finish.

And the story goes on!




It was a long wait, and well worth it! The fight sequences were superb, the voices were great, and the dialogue was hilarious! I'm very impressed, Sunrie and WF1. I can't WAIT to see what's next from you two.

And thanks for using my song, that was yet another pleasant unsuspected surprise. =D

Sunrie responds:

You know, I'm so glad I'm getting all the positive feedback on the fights as that was my biggest concern. It's the first time I've attempted anything like it, so now that I have a feel for it, I can start doing even better.

Oh, and to those of you out there reading, not even DJ-Keen, our Evil K, knew who he was voice acting for! He did the lines (beautifully) and we applied them. He was never told anything other than, "Oh, you're doing Evil K."

We may end up using you for Episode 4, too, so once we have the scrip all hammered out, I'll message you and you can audition for the parts.

OmG u Guuyz lololol!!1111

that waz sooo cool!!11 Xcetp u Guy needs more sonic!! soicn is da best charactyar evaaarrrrrrrr!!! lololololoooolololol If sonic wasn;t in it i would giv3 it a zERO

Nice job man, big ups to the voice actors too.

Sunrie responds:

Hahah, MORE SONIC! Well, he's not going to be in the next one in favor of other charactesr.

Yeah, the voice actors really put out a ton of effort in this one.


Decapitated fox head! Fun times for all! Also, this story is really good...wait...Ganondorf is blind?

Sunrie responds:

*L* No, Ganondorf in this one is just a bit of a moron, not blind. He's a lot of the comedic relief