Reviews for "Captain R: Game Ranger 3"

I didn't watch any other ones

So I had no idea what was going on, but it was a kind've funny parody of Captain N: The Game Master, nonetheless. Man, that show was corny...

Could've tried harder at making Sonic sound more Sonic-ish. One of his prime traits is that high pitched, always overly-enthusiastic voice, which could have been pretty funny to reproduce. You also could've taken more advantage of being able to make fun of the Sonic characters overall. You didn't bash on them enough, and they're easy targets. Actually, you didn't bash them whatsoever.

You didn't put seriousness into them to make them seem genuine, nor did you put sarcasm into them for humor, so I'm not sure what you were trying to do. I'm no professional critic, but, if you're going to parody video games, you should kinda, you know...parody them in some fashion.

Could've definitly been funnier. Voice acting could've been better, too, but some of the voices *were* pretty funny (Kirby & Ganon). I think this thing can be done up better overall, especially if you're working with multiple people on it. J'mon now.

Sunrie responds:

Oh, Captain N was corny as hell, but at the time, it was very entertaining. You need to watch the other episodes to really know how everything ended up where it is now, too.

More "Sonic-ish"? We didn't want Sonic to be stereotypical, which is why the voice choice. An overly joyish and enthusiastic voice would have been annoying. Besides, his entire world was about to be destroyed. There are forces working to change things in each of the realms, which will be shown even more so later.

The point isn't to parody the video games as much as it is to have someone visit the worlds in trouble. The fact that Sonic and Shadow could travel to the Earthbound game world is evidence enough of some major problems occurring.

Better? In some ways, certainly. During the course of this one, I've learned even more ways of animating to make things both easier and more appealing on the eyes. As for the rest of it, no, it couldn't have been, and I mean that in a good way.


dude it was so awsome when they fought ken ganodorf and kirby.XD.I thought that kirby was going to take the place of that dead bitch.I hope he will come again.

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much.

This was my first real tinkering with the fights in a sprite movie. Future animations will be a little more dynamic in that section with the Game Ranger series, and a serious step-up in Street Fighter vs Dragonball Z. The short few seconds of each fight I have already shown to a select group of people are amazed already. Well, that's the point with it, anyway.

No, Kirby won't be taking the place of Psylock. You may see some other characters again in the future, however. The script for Game Ranger 4 is still being worked on and changed. I'm even considering scraping what we have already and starting over with new ideas. That's just how we do things.

you suck

shadow soulde be more cooler and sonic can't do that

Sunrie responds:

You fan boys need help.

How many voice actors are there again?

However many there are, there ain't enough. I got the impression that it was at least three dudes at most doing ALL the voices. at least this was better than the others, but it isn't a commendable improvement.
Try to improve some more, and I'll give you a better score and review, until then, this is the dude addicted to flash, signing out.

-End Transmission.

Sunrie responds:

Maybe you should work on your reviews period.

You're just watching way too many things here on NG, which is why the voices sound familiar.

See, people like you are scared. You're scared that someone like me, through story, character interaction, and plot progression gets actors like Sonic Mega and Adidaas to work for me. It pisses you guys off that I can get the scores I do.

Too bad, troll. I'm here to stay and I'm only getting more well known actors each time.

this was the best

i think this was the best of the three.but if #4 comes i think i might be proven wrong.please make another one.i watched the who is evil k part 3 times.i cant belive it was kirby.

Sunrie responds:

I promise to make a fourth. We're still writing and changing the script around to make it the best it can be.